Main block

Exhibition Area Introduction

The Guests of Intelligent  Ocean.

Explore the Diversity of Life.

The ocean is the source of life and the foundation of all lives, giving birth to and nurturing all living beings and great civilizations on earth.

Follow the low voice of the deep sea; see the wonders of the deep sea in Intelligent  Ocean, and feel extreme shock and sensation of the scene in front of you. Whether the distinguished guests are from land or ocean, let’s have a conversation with ocean, learn, understand, and protect the infinite beauty of ocean.

Whale Wall Introduction

Gift from Whale.

Whale Fall.

Whales are the largest mammals in the ocean and one of the creatures that the migration distance is farthest. The excrement produces when they move provides nutrients for the survival of plankton in the basic food chain. When they die, their bodies slowly fall down to the bottom of the sea and become rich humus in the deep sea. Such a process is called “whale fall”, providing a great food feast for other creatures in the deep sea and creating an independent ecosystem like a desert oasis. The whole process can last for decades or even more than one hundred years.

Whale fall is the last gift that whales leave to the ocean at the end of life. Whale killing making their bodies disappear in the ocean may directly and indirectly affect the circle of ecosystem. It is an environmental protection issue that not only for the balance between whales and the ecology, but more importantly, for the sustainable survival of our future generations.

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