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Exhibition Area Introduction

Intertidal Corridor.

Defense Station for Creatures.

What you can do here is to feed baby seals and mother seals to understand that changes in earth's environment cause ice to melt, which makes it not easy for mother seals to hunt for food or not easy for us to save the rare species in the deep sea, and to clean all kinds of waste at the bottom of the sea. Here you can even fill your belly at a restaurant, take a break, and satisfy your shopping needs.

The Seal Family

The Seal Family

The mother seal senses the rescuer, the player, to arrive and so crawl near, and the feeding action is performed through a series of interactions. With combination of projection and motion sensing game, players can interact with seals to indirectly understand environmental protection concepts such as global warming and ice melting and to deepen their experience of marine conservation and life inheritance.

N-Dimensional Pioneer

N-Dimensional Pioneer

We will ride a high-tech crystal glass ball and dive under the sea with the leader. Starting from the kelp forest, you will see curious stingrays come close to you to say hello; schools of fish swim together to form a Jack fish storm; dolphins and beluga whales dance around you; and the mysterious deep-sea canyon is greeting to you. The surprising ocean carnival is being held; let's compose a fantastic ocean symphony together!

VR Marine Defender

VR Marine Defender

Volcanoes sleeping in the bottom of the sea have been awakened and that the hot magma makes the sea water temperature rise so many precious lives under the sea have unfortunately been swallowed up by the exploding volcanoes. Make use of the VR glasses to find the target. Launch protective bubbles when the target is located in the crosshair to rescue creatures as many as possible in the sea and transport them to the shelter safely. Together let us fight and protect the precious species in the bottom of the sea to help them escape from the crisis!

Information for tourists

Persons with following conditions should not take this ride:


  1. Children aged under 7; Children aged between 7 and 18 must have legal representative to ride. 
  2. Expectant mothers, under the influence of alcohol, poor physical conditions.
  3. Heart conditions or abnormal blood pressure; people install medical device such as artificial cardiac pacemaker.
  4. Have had recently fracture injured、wheelchair users and Persons with any limb disability or impairment.
  5. Susceptibility to motion sickness、dizziness or have a history of frequent headaches or epilepsy.
  6. Height below 110 cm.
  7. Weight over 120 kg.
  8. Persons can′t follow the precautions or the instructions of the staff. 
  9. Not suitable for this ride with self-evaluation.
  10. Persons have any symptoms that may be worsened by experiencing this facility.
  11.  (Heart disease, high blood pressure, dizziness, claustrophobia, respiratory disease, hyperacusis, panic in response to dark places, neck/back/neck/spine diseases, skin allergies, photosensitivity)




  • For your comfort and safety, Please wear light clothing.
  • Wearing VR goggles is compulsory for this facility. Please be aware that people wearing glasses might damage and cause personal injury due to strong vibration during the experience.
  • This facility will be disinfected with alcohol regularly. If you have an alcohol allergy, it might cause Itching, eczema, or redness symptom.
  • Dangerous article, food, and drinks are not allowed inside the attraction. 
  • If you begin to feel unwell while using the attraction, such as dizziness, vomiting, etc., close your eyes and rest for a while; if the discomfort does not improve, please inform the on-site service staff immediately. 
  • Please do not run, jump, or shake the facility during the entry, exit, and operation.
  • It is not allowed to enter the experience venue or restricted area during the operation. 
  • Please follow the instructions of the service staff to leave the venue after the ride.
  • Everyone please follow the instructions of the service staff; for those who unable to follow the instructions are not allowed to take the ride.
  • After the ride, Please do not drive vehicles or operate machinery until your sense of balance is fully recovered.

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